Under Berlin’s sombre surface lies an underground warren of creative activity. In these labyrinths, artists of all disciplines work feverishly, nourished by the fertile soil that’s made the city famous. Die Hasen Stunde (The Hour of the Hare) is a experimental biannual publication and platform. We support and elevate, one by one, the work of Berlin’s cross-disciplinary artists.

Answering to no investors or advertisers means we can provide a truly independent space of experimentation, evaluation, and non-evaluation. A borderline space of safe confrontation. Die Hasen Stunde is free from institutional approval or validation and does not seek authority.

With each artist, and each issue, we start with a deep, intimate process of introspection. And the publication’s visual style changes, morphing in conversation with the featured artist’s work creating its own rules of appearance. In this space the artist can overcome inhibitions, find directions, and get lost all over again.

“The hare is a symbol of incarnation”—Joseph Beuys